Faith Comes By Hearing the Word of God

Romans 10:17

The videos below are being shared with the hope that you receive revelation knowledge to strengthen your faith walk with God. We all need God and the guidance of His Word. Wherever you are in life, I hope these messages provide you what you need to propel you forward. The videos will change from time to time but can be found on YouTube where I obtained them. All rights are reserved to their respective owners. Feel free to grab a pen and paper to take notes. Taking notes can help you refer back to what was taught, and be beneficial in helping you meditate on the Word of God throughout the week. To mute the Livestream, simply hover over the video with your mouse and press pause. Smartphone or tablet users, tap the video screen to reveal the pause button.
Be encouraged. I hope you come back soon. -Tiffany
24/7 Audio Bible Live Stream    Courtesy of The Two Preachers